Machina’s Engineering Guide.

Introduction and Index.

Gonna talk some here about the goal of the guide. Then list index of guide. Click on the title for each section to go to that page. Credit for this guide goes out to CMDR Machina Ex Deo who wrote the guide and has provided it to the community.

1. Resources

Small Blurb on Resources.

2. Suggestions

Small Blurb on the 5 suggestions.

3. Teir 1 Engineers

These are the first Engineers to start off with. They will give you great upgrades that will help you further in your engineering.

4. Tier 2 Engineers

Now on your way to unlocking the top tier engineers, this segment is a bit of a grind.

5. Tier 3 Engineers

The most difficult to get with some of the best rewards.

6. Data

How to get data for Engineering.