Holy Shit We’re Doing Guides?

Say what? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Because it might help some poor soul in the future. SO. We’ll have different guides, example outfittings  with mini write ups and resources/tools/add ons that are useful?

Yup! – Guides

The Basics Guide – New to the game? Need to learn the essentials. Here we go. (include shit like KGB FOAM) and whatever.

The Combat Guide – More advanced combat, heat/power management etc. Example outfittings.

Exploration Guide – How to not die in the depths of space. Neutron boost guide. Example outfittings. Maybe some example route/destination guides.

Engineering Guide – Basic engineering guide. Jay is writing a journal of Lynch’s engineering journey.


EDDB – and all that junk, anything you guys can think of that we like for quick resources.


No deadline on this. Whoever wants to contribute or has something to contribute, lets work together and get what we can done. It will be an ever evolving section to the website. We are also looking at bot commands users can do to get linked to certain guides. We will work to make sure it is not spammy.